Guide to Making a Community Paediatrician Referral

Welcome to the Parkfield School Community Paediatrician Referral process. If you believe your child requires the support of a community paediatrician, we are here to guide you through the referral process using the PAN Dorset Application form below.
Step-by-Step Instructions
Download the Referral Document
First, download the attached referral form. This document is designed to gather comprehensive information about your child’s needs.
Fill Out the Form
Please complete the form with as much detail as possible. The information you provide is crucial for ensuring your child receives the appropriate support. It’s okay if you’re not able to answer every question – just fill in what you can.
Required Information
The form will ask for basic information about your child, including their health history, current concerns, and any previous assessments or interventions. There will also be sections for you to detail your child’s educational background and any specific observations you have made regarding their needs.
Gather Supporting Documents
If you have any reports or assessments from teachers, specialists, or other professionals, please attach these to your referral. This additional information can be very helpful to the paediatrician.
Review Your Submission
Before sending, please take a moment to review the information you’ve provided to ensure it is as accurate and complete as possible.
Send the Referral
Once you have completed the form and gathered any additional documents, please email them to
Ensure the subject line is clear, for example, "Community Paediatrician Referral for [Your Child’s Name]."
We will review the information provided and may contact you if further details are needed.
Next Steps
We will process your referral and forward it to the appropriate community paediatric service. They may contact you directly to discuss the referral further or to arrange an appointment.
Additional Support Information click here