Our primary curriculum

Reading, writing and maths are at the core of our curriculum at Parkfield. Whilst phonics is taught on a daily basis in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 using the Read Write Inc phonics programme, reading comprehension skills are explicitly taught from years 3 – 6 using a reading reconsidered approach.


Driven by age appropriate, high-quality texts, our literacy-rich approach allows learners opportunities to read and write in a range of contexts for different purposes and in response to a variety of exciting first-hand experiences which is delivered through Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing, Alan Peat’s Exciting Sentences and text exemplification. Over the year, children will have opportunities to write for a range of purposes and genres.  Non-fiction genres are taught using a creative, narrative context.  A text type should be taught in depth over several weeks with children being immersed in the genre within writing lessons and in addition, some of the week’s reading lessons. Above all, writing is taught with an explicit purpose and audience as the grammar, punctuation and spelling elements meaningfully integrated using the Nononsense spelling programme and discrete Grammar Masters SPaG lessons as part of the literacy cycle.


Through integrated project lessons that center around the themes and ideas from the literacy texts, the knowledge and skills required for history, geography, science, art and design technology are delivered through a meaningful and immersive experience that promotes a love for reading. Through a carefully considered curriculum map and programme of study for each project, the teaching is sequential, progressive and ensures full coverage of the national curriculum required for each year group.




Based on the White Rose Hub mastery approach, maths is discreetly taught at Parkfield. The progressive maths curriculum plan is carefully broken down into small steps that cover the national curriculum strands in a progressive manner across each year group. Built around a child‑centred lesson design using Power Maths resources, it models and embeds a growth mindset approach and focuses on helping all children to build a deep understanding of maths concepts.


Other subjects and areas of study also complement one another throughout the year. Through the use of Jigsaw RSHE programme and assemblies across the year, SMSC (Social Moral, Spiritual & Cultural), PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) and FBV (Fundamental British Values) are actively taught through discrete lessons that build progressively each year whilst RE is taught using Discovery and based on the local SACRE.


At Parkfield, PE and Music are delivered by specialist teachers using the national curriculum programme of study. By following the Charanga music scheme, children are able to demonstrate their learning, revisit the skills from previous year groups as they work towards the End of Key   Stage Expectations, which are in line with national attainment targets for music.




From years 3 – 6, French lessons are designed and built from Salut! which provides the children with the relevant knowledge and skills required to continue developing their language skills as they move into the secondary phase.