Primary curriculum - 2023/2024

Reading, writing and maths are at the core of our curriculum at Parkfield. Whilst phonics is taught on a daily basis in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 using the Read Write Inc phonics programme, reading comprehension skills are explicitly taught from years 3 – 6 using a reading reconsidered approach.



Driven by age appropriate, high-quality texts, our literacy-rich approach allows learners opportunities to read and write in a range of contexts for different purposes and in response to a variety of exciting first-hand experiences which is delivered through Jane Considine's, The Write Stuff programme. The Write Stuff is based on two guiding principles; teaching sequences that slide between experience days and sentence stacking lessons. With modelling at the heart of them, the sentence stacking lessons are broken into bite-sized chunks and taught under the structural framework of The Writing Rainbow.



Key aspects of The Write Stuff system include: