Exam Results 

GCSE results day – 12th August 2021

GCSE results will be issued at 9.00am


JCQ Documents

In addition, the Joint Qualifications Council (JCQ) produces the necessary documents and guidelines for the administration of public assessment Copies of the appropriate documents can be requested via exams@parkfield.bournemouth.sch.uk 


Student Exam Board

Each student who will sit external exams in any academic year are currently issued with a student guide in the autumn term, this outlines all the rules and regulations when attending exams: equipment, mobile phones, behaviour, illness etc.

At Parkfield School external assessment in public examinations are taken through the three main awarding bodies, AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR. The awarding bodies work in association to draw up the common timetables for all public exams. The majority of our subjects use AQA.


Bags and safety of personal belongings

ALL bags are to be left outside the exam room and will be unattended. NO electrical items are allowed in the exam room. Only items authorised for each exam will be allowed – such as the relevant text and equipment. Students should bring ALL of the equipment they require and should be in a see through pencil case. As a minimum students should bring; two black pens, pencil, pencil sharpener, ruler, rubber and calculator. Mobile phones are NOT permitted in exam rooms and at the very least must be SWITCHED OFF and kept in bags. Ideally it is recommended that mobile phones are NOT brought in to school on exam days as the school staff ill not be responsible for the safety of such items.


Should any candidate be absent for medical reasons on the day of the exam please ring the main school number before 8.15am and leave a message. Medical absences must be covered by a medical note and be given to Mrs Marshall, Exams Officer within 3 days of the exam in order for the exam board to take the illness into consideration.


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