School Bus Timetable

915 PK1 To School Return from School
Bournemouth Interchange 725 1620
Boscombe bus station  735 1610
Castle Lane (Tesco) 750 1555
Jumpers Road (KFC) 755 1550
Bargates (Avon Dental) 805 1540
The Grove Top (Roundabout with Fairmaile Road)  809 1536
Parkfield School  820 1525
916 PK2 To School Return from School
Bournemouth Interchange 735 1615
Castlepoint (Hamblin Way) 750 1600
Westover retail park (passed Pizza Hut)  800 1550
Parley cross roads 810 1540
Parkfield School  820 1530

We are unable to add in any further stops at this time. Please ensure your child is getting off at the stop they selected and not asking for a different stop. This is to ensure the safety of your child

Parkfield School offers two buses direct from Bournemouth Town Centre.

 Code of Conduct

 Airport Timetable


Spring 1 - 28 days

Spring 2 - 30 days

From Spring 1















Sibling Return






Sibling Single







Each bus has a chaperone and attendance is taken daily.


Payment for each term must be made in advance through WisePay, by the end of the first week back. 


There are limited number of spaces available, these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If however there is capacity and pupils need regular service but not necessarily every day of the week. The may be possible, after consultation with the school. 


Currently, we do not offer a 'hop on, hop off' bus service. 


Please be advised that students will only be allowed to travel if they have paid in full by the end of the first week of term. The buss will not prevent a pupil coming into school. However, you will be required to collect your child from the school, if payment or contact with the school has not been made, to arrange alternative arrangements. 


There will be no refunds for part use of the bus service, whether this is due to strike days, natural disasters or parental choice. Refunds due to change of school will be considered but not automatically gives. 


Students can also use the airport bus if appropriate after school clubs.

Where there are seatbelts on the bus or coach, these must be worn at all times to abide by our insurance regulations. 


We also expect pupils to comply with the code of conduct above. 


The school has the right to remove any pupil from the bus service and subsequently, in this case there will be no refund for any part of the bus pass purchased and unspent. 


If you are attending after school clubs

Student can also use the airport if appropriate after school clubs. Parkfield School bus passes will not be accepted on this service. 


Code of conduct for

pupils on a school bus


We have a code of conduct because we want everyone to travel in comfort and stay safe.  To make sure this happens all pupils must follow this code of conduct.

While travelling to and from school you are still subject to your school’s rules and behaviour policy.  This code of conduct is an extension of Parkfield School’s policy.

Do …

  • Behave yourself at the bus stop
  • Show your bus pass to the driver
  • Stay in your seat while the bus is travelling
  • Be polite to the driver and the other passengers
  • Take your litter home with you

Do not …

  • Stand on the stairways
  • Get in the way of other people
  • Smoke any type of cigarette, including e-cigarettes or vapour cigarettes
  • Spit
  • Shout or use bad language or make signs out of the window
  • Damage the vehicle in any way
  • Interfere with the emergency exists or open bus windows
  • Bully, fight, play-fight or hurt anyone else.