Revision Top Tips

Thank you for looking at the resources on this page. With Summer exams for year 7, 8 and 9 starting on Wednesday 9 June and Year 10 exams the following week on Wednesday 16 June, we hope you will find the information useful whether you are a parent/carer or a student. 

All students have been given their own revision booklet which you can view here: Revision Booklet 2021. This guide outlines all the most effective ways to revise and reveals some myths about strategies that are sometimes thought to be effective, but in reality are not. 

Please have a look at these resources for further ideas and top tips on how to help your children revise. 

Revision Methods

Revision Top Tips

Most importantly speak to your teacher if you need help and use your knowledge organiser as a checklist to ensure you have covered all the knowledge from this year. And GOOD LUCK.