Revision Top Tips

Thank you for looking at the resources on this page. 

Please find here the links to the information sessions provided for parents, carers and students in the summer term:

KS4 Ready Information Evening 201021

KS3 Ready Information Evening

Year 7 Information evening

Revision ideas and techniques can be found in this booklet here: Revision Booklet 2021. This guide outlines all the most effective ways to revise and reveals some myths about strategies that are sometimes thought to be effective, but in reality are not. 

Please have a look at these resources for further ideas and top tips on how to help your children revise. 

Revision Methods

Revision Top Tips

Most importantly speak to your teacher if you need help and use your knowledge organiser as a checklist to ensure you have covered all the knowledge from this year. And GOOD LUCK. 

If you would like to purchase for £2 one of the GCSE How to Revise books then please email to request a copy which can then be paid through WisePay.

How to Revise for GCSE

Exam Material 

Instructions for conducting examinations

Information for candidates Written examinations 

Unauthorised Items Poster 

Warning to Candidates 

Preparing to Sit Your Exams

Candidate Exam Handbook Template