Physical and Health education                               

Within the Physical Education department we are pleased to be able to offer a wide and varied range of activities.  Through core PE lessons we offer a range of sports, leadership opportunities and sport science within the Curriculum.  Extracurricular opportunities allow for both competitive and inclusive routes to be taken through range of both traditional and alternative sports.  Throughout lessons for the whole of Parkfield, teaching students how to access sport outside of school and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle remains paramount.   


Physical Education Key Stage 3

KS3 begin the year focusing on team building and health related fitness.  They begin to apply knowledge from KS2 and independently lead groups for warm ups and activities.  They will learn how to lead a healthy active lifestyle and which includes studying heart rates, fitness testing and training and nutrition.  Opportunities are provided for students to further their learning of sports studied through competitions in school and within the local area.  In Year 8 students are offered the opportunity to achieve their Young Leaders award through the Youth Sports Trust.  In Year 9 students are offered the opportunity to further their leadership skills with the Sports Leaders Level 1 course.    


Physical and Health education Key Stage 4


A huge focus for KS4 lessons is to ensure that they have avenues to continue physical education outside of school and later on in life.  During the first term they are taken to several different Gyms and venues within the local area.  They also study a range of fitness and team sport avenues that are accessible to them at any stage of life.   Students will also be taught more in depth about the benefits of exercise, in particular how to cope with stress over their Year 11 exam period. 

We currently offer GCSE PE to our Year 11 students, and BTEC Sport within Year 10.  Please see the below links for specifications;


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