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KS4 Geography

The Geography department currently follows the AQA GCSE Geography 8035 Specification.  This qualification is linear where students will sit all their exams at the end of the course.


Paper 1

Living with the Physical Environment

Natural Hazards, The Living World, Physical landscapes in the UK, Coasts and Rivers

Paper 2

Challenges in the Human Environment

Urban Issues and Challenges; Changing Economic World; The Challenge of Resource management; Geographical skills

Paper 3

Geographical Applications

Issue Evaluation; Fieldwork, Physical and Human; Geographical skills


Skills incorporated include:

Map Reading: Atlas maps, OS Maps, Photographic maps

Analytical Skills: reading graphs, data, interpreting maps

Numerical skills, Statistical skills

Collecting and Assessing Qualitative & Quantitate data


KS3 Geography

KS3 begins with an introduction to classic Geography focussing on the UK and Map Skills, reinforcing a sense of place.  Topics then follow those from the GCSE course, starting to embed skills which will be needed once in KS4.


Fieldtrips are plentiful at Parkfield and include working closely with the National Parks Authority in the New Forest. Pupils enjoy the trips which help to support learning both in and out of the classroom.  

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