Work Experience


We are pleased to announce that Year 10 will be able to access virtual work experience this year.  We are working with the organisation Speakers for Schools.  The 'Speakers for Schools' Programme was launched in 2010 by ITV Political Editor Robert Peston, and is supported by the Law Family Charitable Foundation 'Speakers for Schools'.  It aims to improve access to leading figures of all industries and backgrounds, to engage and inspire pupils in their ambitions, by providing school talks and experiences of the workplace.


Your child needs to register as a student on the website


Next steps:


To apply for placements, students can click View Opportunities in their dashboard, Scroll through the opportunities and choose the ones they’d like to apply for by clicking Apply in top right corner and fill out the application form.


Please be aware each opportunity will have it’s own launch date and the application deadlines will therefore be different for each one. 


Once the student has completed their application, their teacher will be required to fill out a 'teacher covering note' before their application can be submitted.


Confirmation will then be sent to both the student and the school.


Work experience will help to guide students towards knowing what they might like to do when leaving school, focusing their thoughts on next steps. It gives them valuable skills to help in future life.  Work experience is valuable also to support personal statements. We are really pleased work experience can still go ahead safely in the current climate and do hope that your child will take up this exciting opportunity.



If you have any further questions please email Miss L Walton