Welcome to Parkfield School.

As I write, we have just submitted our Teacher Assessed Grades for our Year 11 students and wished our Year 6s "good luck" for their SATs.  There is a harsh reality in the world of national accountability measures (KS2 SATs & GCSEs) that our young people need to cope with. At GCSE all the national media focusses on students attaining the grades 4 – 9, these are considered to be a ‘pass’, with grades 1 – 3 not considered to be a pass. It is as if we don’t want to acknowledge students with these grades, however much effort and energy they have put in to achieve them. At Parkfield we celebrate every student's achievement and make sure that they are able to access their next steps in learning.


A school should not be measured by it's academic outcomes alone, but by what else it provides our young people in order to take their place in the society in which we live.  I believe that we are a school with ‘heart’, a place where we know the children well, a place that looks to develop the whole and not just the academic, a place that is mature enough to say that we don’t know it all, but we'll find out and strive to be even better.                   

As the Interim Principal I joined Parkfield in October 2020 and I have grown very fond of the staff and students. It is a school full of warmth and kindness, full of brilliant people and supported ably by a great parent body.  We continue to go from strength to strength mostly due to the concerted effort of a great staff team, brilliant governors, supportive parents and many more in the wider education community. Of course, we are nothing without our children, they are the reason we exist and the reason that we keep going when times are tough.  It is a pleasure to support the young people in the BCP community. 


Miss Clare Adams

Interim Principal