Site Update

21 August 2017

The new site is starting to look fantastic as the move is in full swing.


New Site August 2017

  • Floor 2 at Dorset House looking empty
  • Removals van filling up
  • New sign outside our new reception
  • Reception all ready to welcome you in September
  • Bees classroom has arrived
  • Bees classroom has arrived
  • Lots of boxes in the new Buttercups Classroom
  • New bike racks all ready for their tarmac
  • New signs installed
  • New signs installed
  • KS2 Classroom now in place
  • Teacher walls are being assembled in the Year 5 classrooms
  • Tables and benches ready for lunch
  • Our new interactive panels are being tested
  • Teacher walls now all installed ready for their whiteboards and data projectors
  • Outside spaces being jet washed ready for next week
  • Grass all cut and bushes trimmed

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