20 August 2020



++ Students ready to take “exciting next steps” ++


Students at Parkfield School are today celebrating their long-awaited GCSE results, having faced months away from school, a period that they never could have imagined which would see their last year at school curtailed and their exams cancelled. 


But their hard work in the run up to lockdown hasn’t been for nothing. Following the Government’s announcement on Monday 17 August, the grades that teachers submitted for each student have now been awarded. Today they have received grades which reflect the effort they put in over the course of their time in education, as judged by their teachers.


Staff and teachers at Parkfield School have worked extremely hard to make sure that the grading for every student is fair and allows these students to go onto further education, employment or training – whatever is the best option for them.


This year the following students did particularly well and will go on to pursue a number of exciting post-16 paths: 


  • Alex is a young man with significant special educational needs and whilst he would openly admit to struggling with his learning he has never once used this as an excuse. Alex was well loved by his peers and his teachers and we are delighted that he has achieved 7 GCSE qualifications. Alex is now off to CHI to a specialist placement to develop his life skills.


  • Mia joined Parkfield after a difficult period in her previous school caused by severe anxiety. In her time with us she has openly addressed her issues, worked hard to overcome them. Her warmth, humour and incredible honesty has enabled her to achieve 7 GCSE qualification at the good standard (5+) and 8 in total. Mia is looking forward to starting an apprenticeship in hair and beauty in due course.


  • Tom has had a very tricky time at secondary school, the loss of his mother and significant health issues would have been a real barrier for some. However, Tom is incredibly resilient and his great attitude to school life has seen him achieve 2 grade 8’s, 5 grade 7’s, 2 grade 5’s and a BTEC in computing (grade yet to be awarded).Tom is off to 6th Form to do ‘A’ Levels and has his heart set on eventually going to medical school.


Ian Golding, Principal at Parkfield School, said: 

“Today marks the end of a difficult period in the lives of our students. This is not the way we wanted their school careers to end and we hope that we will be able to celebrate with them at some point in the near future.


These grades are an accurate reflection of the tremendous effort and hard work that our young people have put into their studies. Despite the challenges they have faced, our students have never stopped believing in themselves and in their ability to achieve. These grades that have been awarded are well deserved but they are not an end in themselves, I would hope that our students will see them as an important stepping stone towards further learning or the world of work.


“I want to pass on my congratulations to the whole group. We have been through many ups and downs together and yet we have coped and succeeded, I am so incredibly proud of them, and we will miss them hugely.”

Dean Ashton, CEO of Reach South Academy Trust said:

“Congratulations to all our students at Parkfield School for their fine results today. These results follow a robust assessment process and are fair reflection of the work these students have put in during their time at school. They have every reason to be proud of their work to date, and I am sure will continue to excel over the coming years.” 


Since 2018, a new grading system has been in place, with 9 – 1 replacing the old A* - G. Under the new system a Grade 7 equates to an A and 4 reads across to a C. The new grade 9 was designed to reward the very brightest and best students across the country.