Parkfield School is pleased to announce that our GCSE grades for 2019 are a positive consolidation on the improvements seen in 2018. Our early review of the results indicates that we have made further improvements in our Progress 8 (P8) figure. Last year our P8 figure was +0.19, we anticipate that this will be closer to +0.3 (this figure may well be adjusted by national outcomes).

In terms of attainment, 68% of students achieved 4+ in English, with 65% achieving 4+ in Maths. 52% of students achieved 5+ in English, with 42% of students achieving 5+ in Maths.

In Science 61% of students achieved 2 grades at 4+, with 39% achieving 2 grades at 5+. Other notable successes saw 70% of students achieving 4+ in History, with 56% achieving 5+. Languages did well: 92% of students studying Spanish achieved 4+ and 83% achieving a 5+. Similarly in French, 82% achieved 4+, with 73% achieving 5+. In Art and PE, 100% of students achieved 4+, with 70% and 80% respectively achieving a 5+.

64% of students achieved 5 good grades. Our attainment 8 figure has improved to 48.4 (2018 – 47.5) this compares well to the national average at 44.6.

Executive Principal Ian Golding said “These results are a pleasing indicator of the positive changes we have made, they show that our recent improvements were not a one off event. We have built a great team at Parkfield, and staff can be rightly proud of these outcomes. I am particularly pleased that our Progress 8 figure is so positive, this shows that students are doing better than might be anticipated nationally.”

Parkfield School is an all through 4-16 school and is part of the Reach South Multi Academy Trust.