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In Year 6 we promote an ethos of wanting to achieve as well as developing an ownership over learning.  Together, we ensure that your child reaches their full potential so they can move through to the secondary school department in their abilities, independent, responsible and ready for this next stage in their education.


To promote this, Year 6 are role models for the younger members of the school.  They are given roles and positions of responsibility. For example, some pupils will become Play Activity Leaders and help the younger children, as well as organise playtime equipment. 


In Year 6 the children are expected to be increasingly responsible for themselves and their possessions. This includes organising themselves – for example knowing on which day they need their PE kit and ensuring their Reading Records are up to date.


All children in Year 6 are expected to do regular homework:

•We hope that they will all continue to enjoy books and we recognise that many children read independently and don’t want to read to an adult! However, all children like to share or talk about their reading from time to time and we welcome any communication from you so that we can all support the children with their reading and discussion of texts.

•Pupils in Year 6 are expected to know all their multiplication tables and division facts by heart.  Please help your child revise the tables challenges that are sent home – a few minutes every day will really help. 

•The pupils are also given spellings to learn each week.    These lists are based upon the new revised National Curriculum - additional spellings are also included on a weekly basis. These extra four spellings are taken from the class books and chosen by the pupils. In addition to the above on-going homework, the pupils will receive two other homework activities each week. They will have a writing task which will be connected to our literacy work or topic based.  There will also be a maths homework.


In May, the children in Year 6 must complete the SATs.   These are tests written by the DofE and all children across the country are expected to sit them. At the current time, children sit two maths papers, a reading test and a SPAG test (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar).   Writing is assessed by the class teacher throughout the school year.   We prepare the children for these tests thoroughly and we often find that the children actually enjoy taking them, as they are fully prepared and have become confident and happy learners.


Our curriculum is creative, thematic and, as much as possible, all the subjects link to the topic of the term/half term.  For example during our current topic of 'What A Wonderful World' - we have looked at the structures of the earth, rocks, soils and geographical biomes.


We love to develop first hand experiences for the pupils.   In Year 6 we endeavour to take part in trips, visits and invite experts into the classroom to enhance the children’s learning.    In Year 6, the children will take part in an overnight stay in the school, they will experience outdoor adventurous activities such as climbing, orienteering and team work.

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