Welcome to Year 3 Home Page

The year 3/4 teachers are , Miss Downes and Mr Cattani.

We aim to create an environment where children feel safe, secure, happy and valued so that they’re motivated to learn and achieve their potential as we introduce them to our broad balanced curriculum.  Through a topic based approach to teaching and learning every individual child’s need will be met as we capture their imaginations, develop higher order thinking skills and promote a love for learning in order to ensure the highest standards of achievement.  We encourage appropriate behaviour such as good manners, consideration and respect for others, so that children develop positively as an individual and as part of the whole school which allows them to develop life skills. Year 3 is quite a big jump from the nature and nurture environment of Year 2 where the children have just come from and so the emphasis with Year 3 is on developing children’s independence and responsibility for their actions both in school and when completing homework and reading journals.      


Our topics this year will be:

  • Fantastic Machines
  • Chocolate
  • Treasure
  • Habitats

Our visitors and trips will be:

  • Des from the School of Chocolate
  • Dorchester museum
  • Habitat walk
  • Leeson House residential

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