The Montessori approach to education was developed by Dr Maria Montessori a century ago, but is perfectly suited to the challenges of the 21st Century. The approach is based on a deep understanding on how children learn, following their natural development and promoting self-motivation, independence and creative thinking. It recognises the immense potential in every child and their innate desire to learn through their own activity .

In the Foundation Stage at Parkfield School children will be guided to choose from a range of carefully selected activities within an environment planned specifically to meet their needs and interests. Hands-on exploration and experimentation, under the supportive guidance of both QTS and Montessori-trained teachers, allows children to progress at their own pace and leads to strong foundations for later learning.

At Key Stage 1, within the Montessori lessons our students will formulate their own weekly plan, negotiated with their teacher, choosing when to complete each task, and developing self-discipline, time management skills and a positive attitude to learning as a result. The Montessori approach allows children to make rapid progress in literacy, numeracy and science, whilst providing an holistic curriculum that integrates all areas of learning. Creativity, investigation and team work are encouraged, with self-initiated projects encouraging curiosity, concentration and self-motivation. Teachers use their knowledge of each child to provide appropriate levels of support and challenge, ensuring every child progresses well in relation to their capabilities.

At Parkfield School through the Montessori approach we will educate the whole child. Confidence, self-esteem and well-developed social skills are as important as academic learning, and the Montessori primary curriculum provides for all of these, ensuring an outstanding preparation for the next phase of education.

The key advantages of a Montessori education include:

  • Independent thinking and learning are nurtured
  • Develops confidence and curiosity in pupils
  • Promotion of grace and courtesy and respect for self, community and the environment
  • Expansion and enrichment of the National Curriculum

At Key Stage 1, within their National Curriculum lessons, the focus is mainly on Maths, Literacy and Science.