Update from Mr Golding

Dear Parent/Carer,


Well, we have completed our first week in our new home. It has been quite a week, brilliant but hard work. My team have been fantastic, working long hours, supporting one another and doing everything with a smile, most of the time. I wanted to say a huge thank you to families for all their support over the last few years and in these first few days at Hurn.

The congestion caused leaving the site on Friday afternoon was due to a flight from Corfu.  This was the last flight of the season, so we hope a quicker exit next week.

We have had far fewer glitches than I had imagined and I have been delighted by how smoothly the first few days have gone. At this point I should acknowledge the wonderful leadership team who together with Lee Wilson (our site manager) have masterminded the move.


I have a few thoughts for you to consider:


  1. The first car park (near gate 3) fills up very quickly at drop off and collection times, please be ready to drive to the overflow car park.
  2. When you arrive at gate 3 try not to stop your car immediately looking for spaces, this stops the car behind and before you know it we have a queue forming on the road. This will undoubtedly irk the airport, who are watching our every move.
  3. Please ensure that that you keep your speed low as you move through the site, one or two cars are entering the site a little too quickly.
  4. Remember that gate 3 is the only way in for parents and gate 2 is the way out for all traffic.
  5. Please consider using the bus service, this will take more cars out of circulation.

I have been wondering if parents would be interested in us offering two collection times in the afternoon. It might only be 20 minutes later but it could make collection much easier. Please let me know if this is worth further investigation. We could also consider offering some clubs after school as well as at lunchtimes, again your thoughts would be welcome.

We know that collection on Friday was a little more difficult. We think this was because it coincided with a plane that arrived at 1.40. We have checked the flight schedules and we think this flight will not be running from next week.


Finally, thank you again for your continued support. Please be patient with us in these first few months at Hurn, we have much still to do and we know that occasionally we might get things wrong. This is a big year for Parkfield, we have no excuses; we have a great building, a brilliant team, wonderful children and supportive parents. Our job is to turn all of this into excellent learning.

Posted by Mr D Sears on 10 September 2017

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