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5th September 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


As I write to you, I am seated in my new office.  It is a little bare but it has all that I need for the time being.


Around me, staff are running around moving bits of furniture, unpacking boxes, setting up display areas and generally getting ready for the start of term. Their dedication and hard work is turning this empty shell into a school and we are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of our students. We can’t wait for them to see their new home.


I don’t know if you have moved house recently.  Apparently it is one of the most stressful events a family can undertake. Needless to say, moving a school is a little more complex than moving a home. For example, today’s list included fire training with additional training for Fire Marshals, setting up computers, printers, photocopiers and noticeboards, buying new insurance and security for the building, unpacking books, pens and paints, putting up temporary signs and generally learning how to operate the building, I think you get the picture!


As you may remember, at this point we have not taken delivery of the whole building. Kier are still working on the sports hall, multi-purpose hall and multi-use games area (MUGA). To enable this to happen, part of the site will still belong to Kier until the end of the month. We have arrangements in place to ensure that children will never get access to the areas where construction is taking place.


We are also anticipating that further works will be undertaken to improve the play surfaces at the rear of the school. We are fortunate that the site is large enough to allow us to function whilst this work is undertaken. I am sure that the coming weeks will present many unforeseen challenges and glitches to deal with, therefore I would ask that you are patient with us if things are not perfect from day one.


We are so excited about the coming year and the new opportunities that this great building will afford us. This is an important year for Parkfield School.  We know that Ofsted will be visiting at some point and we will need to quickly settle in to our surroundings and deliver the high quality education that you expect of us. As a school, we have had more than our fair share of adversity in recent years but these trials have, I believe, made us stronger and more resilient. We are looking forward to a period of calm to allow us to put down strong roots and grow.   Here’s to the future!


Best wishes


Ian Golding

Posted by Mr D Sears on 5 September 2017

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