Vision and Values

Nurture                       Inspire                       Enable

At Parkfield School we will nurture, inspire and enable all of our students, giving them the skills and knowledge to flourish. We are committed to the development of the whole child ensuring that our students become life-long learners and achieve the best outcomes that they can.

We will provide them with the ability to excel in an intercultural, 21st Century global community so that they grow and develop into confident, compassionate and caring young people. We will prepare them for a successful transition into further or higher education, training or employment when they leave school.

Our commitment

  • To provide a supportive environment and community that promotes development and learning.
  • To provide an outstanding education for all students, regardless of their background where learning and teaching styles are blended to provide for a mix of practical experience and intellectual freedom coupled with a supportive structure and academic excellence.
  • To promote and instil a sense of belonging and purpose that allows students to understand their place and responsibility in their immediate society and also wider world.
  • To ensure that every student receives the guidance, support and inspiration to be the best they can be and realise their full potential.
  • To engage with parents and carers to promote collaborative support of our students’ experience of education and school community.

Our expectations

  • We expect students to demonstrate the utmost respect for themselves, their fellow students, school community and wider community and those forming part of it.
  • We expect good discipline and high levels of behaviour, commitment and participation.
  • We expect a willingness to participate in a wide range of school and community activities.
  • We expect parents and carers to support their children and engage with their education.
  • We expect parents and carers to engage with the school and its staff to promote excellence in the overall educational experience of their children.