Welcome to the Parkfield Primary School council

Hello, we are the Parkfield Primary School Council!

We are all taking on our roles as school councillors with great motivation

and hope we can achieve many things for the school in the future.

Soon we will find out who is chair and vice chair, as they will be two of the main roles,

such as helping choose which new teachers we would like in our school.

In Elm class (year 6) we have been designing logos for the school council,

 the lucky winning design will be worn with pleasure by all the councillors.

As everyone eats lunch on floor 3, we have decided to create a school council display so everyone knows who to go to.

The school councillors of this year 2015/2016, from year 6 are Oliver Marina, Holly Sheppard and Esme Sothcott.

 From year 5, Billy, Vianne. From year 4 Malachi, Maddie. From year 3 Casper, Rebekka.


We will be posting a blog every week!


We had a wide range of logos designed here is a gallery of some of the entries.

School Council Logos