Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr I Golding
Vice Principal
Mr D Sears
Assistant Principal - Secondary Mrs T Pickering


Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs T Pickering
Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs C Pugh
Single Point of Contact
Mr I Golding

Secondary Teaching Staff

Lead Teacher for Maths
Mrs Bennett
Lead Teacher for Science
Dr L Evans
Lead Teacher for Physical Education
Miss K Taylor
Lead Teacher for Humanities
Mr P Williamson
Lead Teacher for ICT / Technology
Mr D Sears
Teacher of Art Miss S Buckley
Teacher of English
Mrs N Doon
Teacher of Science  Mrs T Pickering
Teacher of French Mrs N Tournaire
Teacher of PE 
Mr B Alam
Teacher of Technology Miss K Grant

Primary Teaching Staff

Class Teacher - Year 6, Elm 
Miss T Wilcox
Class Teacher - Year 5, Maple, Upper KS2 Phase Leader Miss R Harding
Class Teacher - Year 5, Willow
Mr J Gibbons
Class Teacher - Year 4, Beech Miss K Dunn
Class Teacher - Year 4, Holly, Lower KS2 Phase Leader Miss H Josey
Class Teacher - Year 3, Oak
Mrs S Hanson
Class Teacher - Year 3, Ash
Mr D Cattani
Class Teacher - Year 2, Owl
Mrs J Burns
Class Teacher - Year 2, Wren KS1 Phase Leader and Phonics Lead Mrs C Claxton
Class Teacher - Year 1, Bees
Mrs M Everett / Mr R Claxton
Class Teacher - Year 1, Fireflies Miss N Jackson
Class Teacher - Reception, Buttercups/ EYFS Phase Leader
Miss C Goodrum
Class Teacher - Reception, Lilies
Miss C Rusden

Montessori Teaching Staff

Montessori Coordinator
Mrs L Hovelmeier
Montessori Teacher Mrs K Trimnell
Montessori Teacher
Mrs F Elliott
Montessori Teacher
Mrs V Watling
Montessori Teacher
Mrs T Ware
Montessori Teacher
Mrs C Gorsuch
Montessori LSA Mrs C Richard

SEN and Learning Support Staff

Mrs C Pugh
Learning Support Assistant
Ms L Hoskins
Learning Support Assistant
Miss S Langridge
Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Jeffes
Learning Support Assistant 
Miss A Foskett
Learning Support Assistant
Mr G Bacon
Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Zago
Learning Support Assistant Mrs M Cunningham
Learning Support Assistant Miss C Jones

Support Staff

Office Manager Mrs K Doran
Senior Admin Mrs E Shutt
Reception / Admin Mrs J Constant
Reprographics / Admin Mrs K Ainley
Finance Manager
Mrs A Dixon
Finance Assistant  Mrs C Hanney
Site Manager Mr L Wilson
Mr F Babiuk
Midday Lunch Supervisor/Cleaner Ms M Silva Costa
Midday Lunch Supervisor Ms A Bayliss
Cleaner Miss A Dos Santos

Travel Plan Coordinators 

Travel Plan Coordinator Mr L Wilson
Travel Plan Coordinator Mrs A Dixon